Lauren DeFilippo | Lifestyle Photography + Design

Surf Hotel

Tucked into the charming adventure town of Buena Vista, the Surf Hotel is an ambitious new concept from the South Main hospitality group. Offering visitors unrivaled access to all-season adventures – as well as a European-influenced attention to design – the hotel attracts local Coloradans and international travelers alike.

This project began with the challenge of distinguishing the Surf Hotel from a pre-existing, adjacent business: the Surf Chateau, which offers independent lodging in the form of cottage-like guesthouses. Designing unique visual treatments for the hotel, its world-class concert hall and onsite restaurant, inspiration was drawn from the property's refined architecture and craftsmanship, as well as the rippling waves of the Arkansas River.

From room bookings to event resources, concert tickets and restaurant reservations, the website for the Surf Hotel was designed to address a wide range of needs. We partnered with the web development team at Denver-based Narwhal Collective to build a multifaceted digital presence that streamlines user experience while maintaining a consistent sense of the hotel brand.