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interiors / lafayette café & bakery, manhattan

this past weekend, we visited new york for the first time since moving to denver. we were instantly greeted by the hum and rush of the energetic city i called home for nearly eight years. naturally, our trip was bookended (and bookmarked!) with food-related stops along the way, often stopping by a specific locale for a bite or just to take in the design.

my sister suggested we stop into the cafe of Lafayette, proclaiming it one of her favorite interiors in the city - and it was truly magnificent. i was transported to a grandiose Paris, between the hand-drawn scripted logo on the windows, to the pyramids of pastel macarons. the salty tear of rosemary lardon fougasse and creamy petit beurres wrapped in baker's string didn't hurt either.

lafayette / 380 lafayette street / 212.533.3000