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beginning a new year in nederland, colorado

spending the first day of 2015 snowshoeing in a forest with great friends was a far cry from our days in new york. don't get me wrong - new years festivities in nyc were always fun, but it never felt right starting the year hungover on the couch.

nederland was the perfect little mountain town for a relaxing getaway. our airbnb cabin was nestled in a quiet, tiny neighborhood in walking distance of town. we spent our days cooking and exploring and our nights laughing, drinking wine, and playing poker and pictionary (...girls vs. guys, which we of course dominated).

these are the days we will look back on and smile. for being so thankful to live in a place that people not only want to visit, but come back to again and again. for being able to drive just an hour and feel that we're in a completely new, refreshing space. here's to 2015: if the first day of the year was indicative of the days ahead, I'm ready.