Cast Iron Communications

Lauren has been wonderful to work with. She immediately has grasped all of the concepts that we were looking for on a wide range of design projects. I first found Lauren's work in New York and she provided exceptional, timely work. When I moved to Australia, my new company decided to work with her yet again. She is reliable, prompt and very creative, even with a 15 hour time difference! She has always managed to find solutions for what we are looking for and make creative suggestions. - Dara Levine

Zeno Group

I have had the pleasure working with Lauren on several client and new business related projects. Her ability to visually and artistically represent content in an appealing and easily digestible way is the reason we keep partnering with her. Lauren delivers high-quality work during tight deadlines, mirroring the direction she is given and hitting it right on the nose. - Drew Pratt

Institute of Culinary Education

Her great eye, steady hand, and fantastic collaborative sensibility are just a few of the things that make Lauren an outstanding creative resource. I had the pleasure of using Lauren's photography and design on various projects at the Institute of Culinary Education, where she very quickly became a go-to resource for my team. I'd work with her again in a heartbeat. - Jason Bannon

Richard Sandoval Restaurants

I have worked with Lauren on a variety of projects requiring graphic design, branding and photography. While Lauren's creativity and skill level are impressive, it's her attention to detail that I always truly appreciate. In my opinion, this is what puts her at the top of her industry. Lauren holds herself accountable to understand grammar, punctuation and wording in everything she creates. If I'm pressed for time and need to review something quickly, I can count on the fact that Lauren has already triple-checked her work and made any required edits. She is a true pleasure to work with on every level. I would recommend her in a heartbeat. - Gretchen TeBockhorst

Urban Villages, Inc.

I worked with Lauren on a leasing brochure for a unique project my company is developing in Seattle. I thoroughly appreciated Lauren's process, thoughtful method, and professionalism. She clearly communicated every step and was wonderfully responsive. I look forward to working again with her in the future and highly recommend her services. - Sallie Hutcheson


Lauren is one of those rare designers who thoroughly understands the business side of things. First of all, she's really talented - and for me that means she intuitively understands what's needed and can then develop creative design solutions that stand out. Second - and equally important - she's a true pro. She's easy to communicate with, doesn't need hand holding and delivers on time. Her work has been a huge asset for me and my clients. - Josh Lohmer

Roseland Creative Co.

Lauren always impresses me with her attention to detail and ability to take feedback and iterate on a concept. She's a dream to work with, doesn't bring ego into the creative process and on top of everything does great work. Can't recommend enough. - Woody Roseland